What about company verification and company check?

How do you usually find companies’ data? What strategies do you use? Do you search manually every company name in Google or other search engines or visit various B2B websites and many web pages to get companies’ information? 

What about the time you are confronted with long lists of company names that must be converted to their contacts? Can you search hundreds of company names in Google one by one in search of their contacts and any other kind of interesting data related to them? 

What about company verification and company check? Do you verify companies based on the data you see on their websites or B2B sites!? Are they really helpful in company verification? 

I myself always repeat in mind “Please not to trust any new company”. First, check it and then accept! 

How do you check companies and how do I get companies’ data? Do not hurry, I tell you!  

Data provider companies; efficient or not!?

Many of you are always engaged in the marketing process and have problems managing the time you spend on company verification or contact extraction. 

Sometimes to find a simple email address of a new company may take a long time. What about long lists of companies!? If you want to convert a long list of companies in the USA to their contacts, what do you do? 

Have you ever tried the data provider companies and leadsfinders!? What do you know about the websites that automatically find companies’ data for users? Do you have a list of data providers but don’t know which one is the most professional? What types of companies’ data do these tools provide!? 

I found the key! 

Covolcano is an integrated website in which various kinds of registration data, as well as company contacts, are found for the clients fast. Read the rest of this article which explains my experience of using Covolcano.com

It was great and has enough value to be shared with you!  

Covolcano at our service!

The first time I tried Covolcano, I was surprised at the wide range of companies’ data I got! 

Covolcano is a lead finder, contact extraction, and company verification tool through which the job of marketers becomes really easier and more professional. I think more time and less energy-wasting is the gift of Covolcano to us!  

It has both single and bulk services with different goals but both guarantee to provide accurate and reliable information as mentioned in Covolcano.  

What Covolcano gives us!

After a simple subscription in Covolcano sign up section, you need to enter a company name and click on the search button. 

The first time I tested a small company name located in China and the following information was shown to be very fast:

  • Company logo: 

The first appeared information was the logo of this company that was seen above the page. 

  • Company website address (company URL finder):  

Bellow the logo of this company, its website URL was demonstrated. 

Simply by a click on its link, I was connected to its website within a second. 

As you know many companies’ information is available on websites. It is a good strategy to see how big a business is, what their missions and visions are when their business was established, what their achievements are, and many other useful details through websites.

  • Emails (B2b email finder):

One of the most important companies’ data every marketer is looking for his email address! 

Email is still alive! To me, email marketing is of great importance and is known as a helpful way of customer acquiring and retention. 

Covolcano benefits from a powerful email finder detecting both individual and companies’ emails, verifying them, and finally showing them within a second!

For this Chinese company, 5 emails were demonstrated, one was related to its CEO and others related to employees. 

The bulk email finder of Covolcano also lets users upload long lists of company names and get their emails in the blink of an eye! 

  • Companies address: 

The address of the searched company was also shown to me. I didn’t want to visit their office but I believe it was helpful. 

I recommend you to meet the new clients face to face in meetings to see their office and even it is better to see their production line if you want to deal with a manufacturer. It is the best kind of company verification. 

  • Companies location on Google map:

In this part, you can see where a company is located on Google map for the exact address and finding the best direction based on traffic when you have a face to face meeting in their office.  

  • Landline Phone numbers (phone number extractor):  as many landline phone numbers as the searched company have been shown in this section!

I was surprised when I saw all 4 landline numbers related to this Chinese Company.  I called one of the numbers to check it! And it was correct. 

Phone numbers let users talk directly with clients on phone and use the power of voice, intonation, and words to attract them. 

What you choose to tell on the phone can change an unlikely deal to the start of long-term work!

  • Mobile phone number of leads (leadsfinder):

You can be connected with companies’ employees and employers directly through their WhatsApp numbers that are provided by Covolcano leads finder!  

By social media networking and messengers, you can send messages, chat, make audio or video calls free of charge. 

This Chinese company did not have a lot of employees. I think less than 7 people are working there but Covolcano showed the mobile phone number of most of them to me!

  • Registration companies’ information: 

This part allows us to verify businesses and see whether an entity is real or fake! 

Companies’ data and contacts are not enough I think. You need to check the veracity and legitimacy of businesses before any deal. This is doable through the Covolcano company verification tool. 

You only need to select the country in which the company is located. Then the registration companies’ information is demonstrated.

To me, this part is really significant as it checks the trustworthiness of companies. To check whether a corporation is real or fake is really essential to stop and eliminate fraud. 

As far as I checked this service supports all countries and all types of companies active in any industry!

  • Products or services list: 

This part shows a list of companies’ data about the products and services that the business supplies. 

For the searched Chinese company, all the products it supplies was shown: base oil, RPO, detergent, formalin, and butadiene rubber. 

In my view, this part tells whether we are searching for the true path or not! We can choose which company is good for our purpose and which should be omitted from the list. 

  • Companies’ data in social networks: 

Companies’ profile links in various social networks were seen here like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Through these accounts, you can have access to lots of companies’ data. 

  • Working hours: the working hours of the company was reported here to see when they are available for response.

Why I am writing about Covolcano! 

The wide world of companies’ information that Covolcano provides encouraged me to write about it and let you all be familiar with such a surprising automatic tool. Frankly, I had not seen such a companies’ data provider before through which lots of data is available, checked, and verified. 

  • As far as I know, it has the companies’ data of over 500 million small companies and enterprises worldwide! It is fantastic! Isn’t it? 

I think it is the most comprehensive database of companies’ information. 

A great leadfinder, contact extractor and verifier, and a professional company verification tool that is connected to a complete and professional database.  What else do we want!? 

  • Every time the required data was given very fast to me. From the time I write a company name or upload long lists of names, only a few seconds is required to deliver the final verified results. 
  • If you ask me, I believe there is no need to pay lots of salaries to clients whose jobs are to search in search engines and find companies’ data. Instead, Covolcano performs it on behalf of them!

Your employees can do more important tasks instead of the tedious and time-consuming tasks of company search and verification.  

  • I did not get any wrong data till today in Covolcano! 

As mentioned in Covolcano.com, Companies’ data are checked several times through various strategies, thanks to artificial intelligence. False companies’ information is not recorded in the Covolcano database.  

The latest technologies help Covolcano to recognize correct information and eliminate fake and repetitive data.  

  • Covolcano declares that it is not important whether you are searching for a small company in China or an enterprise in Europe. Any kind of data related to those companies that are available on web pages is shown. 

I searched many company names and it supported all of them. 

  • Through bulk services of Covolcano, I uploaded a long list of company names and after a few seconds all their emails, phone numbers, social media profiles, website URLs, and so on appeared.  

My experience of using Covolcano was great; I suggest it to any of you looking for innovative and professional tools of marketing. I think the job of digital marketers is in the simplest manner with the help of Covolcano. Try it!