How Medical Staffing and health care agencies Work?

Healthcare staffing is critical to patient satisfaction. The healthcare workforce is primarily liable for the patient’s care experience. Research shows that a lot of features of healthcare staffing are directly associated with the extent of patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction is a crucial priority for hospitals and health systems, as value-based compensations, growing models of patient-centered care, and growing competition within the healthcare industry are driving increased attention to how patients experience their care.

Solving COVID-19 Challenges in Healthcare Staffing:

As a software vendor to many healthcare staffing companies, Healthcare Source is in a unique position to receive a broad range of feedback about how COVID-19 is impacting the industry. Here are two issues our clients have encountered and methods your agency or health system can implement to alleviate their effects.

Caregiver Reluctance to figure:       

Many full-time healthcare employees, temporary workers are often caregivers to family and friends who are at …

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Questions To Be Asked While Interviewing a Project Manager

Hiring a new member or a project manager in a team can be stressful-namely the part about getting it is right. You never really know that this person will deliver great performance or not? Get along with the team or not? Make the right decision on the project or not? There are a lot of unknown but you can shine a light on them with the right questions. Also, asking the right questions when interviewing a project manager is mandatory for selecting the right person. But not all the questions need to be asked of the PM. In fact, many of the questions need to be asked before you ever consider putting an ad on the paper or job board. If you are up to date and you certainly need to answer these questions long before you call an external recruiter.

The article is written to help the PM

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