Fine Details for the Proper Product Launch

Before even deciding to launch its marketing plan, it is necessary to make an analysis of the situation with various simple tools of analysis which make it possible to structure its approach.The goal is to have the finest possible vision of his situation and the evolution of his sector.

However, be careful not to spend too much time. Indeed if the diagnostic phase is important for you to choose the right marketing opportunities, it is the action plan that will interest your management. It is therefore advisable to set a time for this part.

It seems obvious, but sometimes we have a distorted view of reality when we have been working in a company for years, or we are entering a market.Likewise, if you want to change things, to radically change an offer. It is essential to analyze the situation and then make the right decisions. The Regulatory Affairs Consultants Toronto offers you the best support in this matter now.

The most common mistakes are:

To be mistaken about its typical customer and its market segment (set of typical customers), and in this case you have to validate your “persona” (see this article on personas), and check that the market segment is accessible and profitable.

  • A Persona will serve you to personify your customer, and therefore to think of him every time you do marketing action or you launch an offer.
  • A Persona officially validates through marketing and sales align everyone on a single client type (indeed often between sales and marketing, the typical customer is often different).
  • A Persona will allow you to better target your marketing campaigns by knowing exactly what are his needs, his fears, his profile, the keywords used.

Essential Market Segment for You

A market segment groups a target with a similar need. For example if you are a hairdresser, you have the segment of young women who want a modern and cheap cut, active women who want more a “moment of relaxation” and friendliness with care, women “seniors” who come not often and who want a color, women who want to make hair straightening or have extensions … You can offer (or not!) an offer tailored to each segment. Knowing that it is better to address 1 specific segment and do it very well, rather than addressing multiple segments with a confusing message.

To err on the sales structure (products sold, margins, distribution channel, conversion). Because sometimes we are surprised by a distribution of sales that is not what we thought (top customers, top products), or an evolution of its customer base, the marketing plan is the moment to take a step back and redo a picture of his activity.