Preferred Mode Of Transport For Small Businesses In Melbourne

Small businesses often find that they need to relocate their offices. There can be several reasons for a move, but whatever your reasons for moving your small business, it doesn’t have to be as complicated or daunting as it might seem initially. It also doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might imagine. A prudent way to save significantly on a small business interstate move or transport is to rely on a reputable container transport company such as Moving Containers.

Here is how it works.

The Process.

Contact our offices to discuss your move, even if you don’t have a fixed date quite yet. By ringing us up, as a container transport specialist, we can explain the process to you and answer any questions you might have. We can help you determine what size of container you will need and if you will need more than one transport container (which some businesses need).

We will schedule the delivery of your high-quality steel container based on your dates. Then on that day, we will deliver it straight to your office and place it as convenient as possible to make the loading easier. (We need a flat spot which can accommodate one of our steel containers while allowing easy access.)

At your convenience and once you have filled the container, contact us for pick-up and safe delivery to your new location.

The Advantages:

Moving is daunting for everyone, but when it’s your business, your livelihood, it can be even scarier. However, using a self-pack method of transport such as U Pack Melbourne offers significant advantages and more control over the removals process than you would have with a traditional removals company.

As a small business, everything – from your data to files and furnishings – has enormous value to you. You can entrust your business to a company to sweep in and pack you up as they dive through your business piecemeal. Or, you can retain far more control of your move and engage a self-pack removals company.

Time and Confidentiality: You will be able to take as much time as you need to pack and secure precious business items and while maintaining certain things like records secure and confidential.

Control: You have complete control over the packing. Do it how you want and when you want.

Lower costs: Because you do the bulk of the labor when you pack your own things, there are significantly lower labor costs associated with container transport removals.

Sounds simple? It typically is fairly simple as well as straightforward, transparent when it comes to costs, and easy enough to achieve. However, as a small business here are some other things for you to consider which can help make a move even smoother for you.

Tips for Moving Your Small Business:

1) Before you even think of packing anything up, do a review of what you use and what you don’t use as a small business owner. If there is any equipment you are not using, donate it or find an appropriate recycling center for it. There is no sense in wasting time packing up and transporting equipment you no longer use.

2) Begin the packing process early once you’ve assessed what you’re keeping and transporting. Every employee should be involved in the packing. There is no need to wait until a moving container arrives. Begin packing things up well in advance.

3) Search for used boxes to save you money on purchasing boxes! Hang onto delivery boxes and copy paper boxes which tend to be sturdy. Ask around if anyone has boxes they can offer you. The more you re-use boxes, the more money you can save. (We sell some high-quality packing materials, as well for your convenience. Just let us know when you schedule your container.)

4) While you have a lot of advantages with self-packing for a container move, you should create and maintain an accurate inventory list by department or business function. The inventory list will make unpacking at your new location more efficient.

5) Label! Make sure each box is well labeled. Cables, wires, necessary chargers, and so forth should travel with their corresponding appliance, or you might waste time searching for them later.

6) All businesses these days live and breath by their data. That means that your computers and hard drives are invaluable to your business. If you don’t have data backed up before a move, you are taking a considerable risk. You should always consult an expert to ensure you have everything backed up. Also, an expert can advise you on how to best pack your monitors and hard drives to ensure they transport safely!

7) Create your timeline. Decide when you should make the actual move, how many days you might be “offline” with clients, and when you will be back up and fully functional.

8) You need to inform your customers in the best way possible for your business and industry that you are relocating.

If you are a small business owner, ready to schedule your self-pack container removals in Melbourne or another Australian city, please contact us to schedule your removals. We would be pleased to work with your business and safely transport your business to its new location.

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