Strategic Business Planning – Learn from the MOD

The Ministry of Defence has been making plans for the Navy and UK shipyards. Over six or seven years this could cost tens of billions of pounds, however the MOD is striving to save billions as it updates equipment.

This is ambitious, but it also illustrates the value of strategic business planning says business advisor and Thames Valley Business Advisor’s member Peter Smith, who is a noted expert in the field of strategic business planning and coaching.

What is the MOD’s plan?

The strategic business plan is that the government will purchase at least 5 new Type 31E frigates at £250 million each.

These ships will be built at shipyards around the UK so that by 2023 they are in the water.

The first wave of production would serve the UK and subsequent build projects are intended for sale overseas.


BBC defence correspondent Jonathon Beale is sceptical of the …

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